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Source: INRA

Trade costs and international strategy of firms: the role of endogenous product differentiation

Blanchard, Pierre et al. (2012)

We study the impact of trade liberalization on the international strategy of firms (to export and/or invest abroad as well as the number of products to be produced) when product differentiation is endogenous. By considering product differentiation as a strategic variable, our analysis sheds new ...

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Source: HAL

Territorial Institutions

Thoenig, Jean-Claude (2006)

Un état de l'art des recherches mondiales Territorial politics as social and political constructs are major issues for governement and for policy-making. Studying its properties and its dynamics shapes a domain of its own in social sciences. The text presents dominant approaches that have ...

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Source: ICPSR

Dutch Parliamentary Election Study, 1989

Anker, H. et al. (10 jul. 1995)

This survey, the eighth in a series of election studies from the Netherlands, focuses on the September 6, 1989, elections for the Second Chamber of Parliament. These elections were called early due to the fall of the Lubbers-II cabinet on May 2. The survey was administered in two waves, one ...

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Source: HAL

The sustainability of free/open source software

Padrin, Giorgio et al. (2004)

The paper applies three analytical frames to a better understanding of the itch to invent and innovate cooperatively, a still inadequately treated stylised fact, while drawing some lessons from an ongoing Free/Open Source software project on communication standards, software and services: Jabber , ...

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Source: HAL

The European Works Council before the courts: putting law to work and the producing EU legal norms during the Renault Vilvorde case

Didry, Claude (2000)

The competition control exercised by the European Commission is defined by regulations that are immediately imposed on individuals. Consequently, it tends to bypass the bodies set up to represent employees. Prior to the 1994 directive concerning European Works Councils, only specific directives ( ...

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Source: Ifremer

Reconstructing individual shape histories of fish otoliths: A new image-based tool for otolith growth analysis and modeling

Fablet, Ronan et al. (march 2009)

In this paper is presented a novel image processing tool for the extraction of geometric information in otolith images. It relies on the reconstruction of individual otolith shape histories from otolith images. Based on the proposed non-parametric level-set representation of otolith shape history, ...

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Source: HAL

Ingratiation: Experimental Evidence

Robin, Stéphane et al. (2014)

We investigate experimentally ingratiatory behavior expressed by opinion conformity. Both individuals' performance at a task and their opinions on various topics can be observed before unequal payoffs are assigned by a second mover. In some treatments, first movers can change their opinion after ...

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Source: HAL

Transitional Dynamics in an R&D-based Growth Model with Natural Resources

Le, Thanh et al. (oct. 2014)

URL des Documents de travail : Documents de travail du Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne 2014.75 - ISSN : 1955-611X Upon introducing natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable, into an endogenous growth framework with R&D, ...

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Essays on aid development

Menard, Audrey-Rose (1 dec. 2014)

L'objectif de cette thèse est d'élargir le champ d'étude relatif à l'aide étrangère, en examinant aussi bien les conséquences des flux d'aide sur les pays en développement que les implications et tenants des politiques d'aide pour les économies développées. Dans le Chapitre 1, nous ...

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