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Mot-clé : La République ET les tribus Philippe Velilla_x
Source: HAL

How to Exceed Duality : Art and Strategies in Quevedo's Moral Poetry

Audoubert, Rafaèle (3 dec. 2010)

The thesis start with a definition of the concept of "morals" in 17th century Spain and with a definition of moral poetry in Quevedo's work. Preceding the analysis proper, I will define and justify the corpus of texts studied, identify the author's sources of inspiration, define the notions used in ...

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Source: HAL

The civico-religious celebrations in Granada, XVIth-XVIIth centuries

D'Albis, Cécile (23 may 2008)

This work approaches through the study of the urban celebrations the big stakes which shaped the difficult incorporation of Granada in Castile in 1492, till the end of XVII th century. By following the birth and the evolution of these celebrations and by confronting them with the contemporary ...

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