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Mot-clé : La GRH dans la fonction publique Suzanne Maury,.._x
Source: HAL

Informal informative practices of teenagers on the Web

Aillerie, Karine (8 dec. 2011)

From an analytical reading of general surveys and the material collected during a fieldwork (59 semi-structured interviews of young pupils between 14 and 18 years old with an internet connection at home), we suggest approaching the reality of the informal informative practices of a group of ...

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Source: Enssib

Pratiques informationnelles informelles des adolescents (14 - 18 ans) sur le Web

Aillerie, Karine 

Thèse de Doctorat en Sciences de l'information & de la communication de Madame Karine Aillerie, soutenue l'Université Paris 13 sous la direction de Roger Bautier, portant sur les pratiques informationnelles informelles des adolescents (14-18 ans) sur le Web.

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Source: HAL

The relationship between public services and civil service. Comparative study of french and chinese laws

Sun, Xiaowei (26 sep. 2014)

In France, since the 1990s, the traditional polarity public service / civil service is questioned by privatization and public services outsourcing on the one hand, and by contracting and "managerialization" of civil service on the other hand. These trends are also observed in China in the ...

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Source: HAL

De la pédagogie du document au curriculum en information-documentation. Dynamiques et résistances

Chapron, Françoise (8 oct. 2015)

25 p. Qu’entend-on par pédagogie en information-documentation ? Quelles ont été ses évolutions, de la pédagogie du document à la pédagogie en information-documentation ? Ce texte se veut une mise en perspective, centrée sur les idées pédagogiques et l'influence des chercheurs (et non des ...

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Source: HAL

Management and work : from the unthought in the meaning of work to the emergence of the worker entrepreneur of himself. The exemplary nature of the worlds of social sector professions.

Dreyfuss, Laurence (16 sep. 2013)

The research is based on theoretical analyses which come to clarify field reports and search results. It presents the current dynamics of work and marks out the link between the meaning and the real-life experience of work. The shift from a collective conception to a very individual apprehension of ...

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