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Mot-clé : La France ET ses multinationales sous la direction de Laurent Faibis,.._x
Source: HAL

Political Economy of European Integration : French strategies, from the Single European Act to the enlargement of the eurozone in 2008

Georgiou, Christakis (21 nov. 2014)

The basic premiss of the thesis is that the process of European integration is closely linked with the generalisation of large-scale production and of its organisational form, i.e. big business. This implies that the process unfolds in a pattern that can be traced to the development strategies of ...

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Source: HAL

Uses geographical cyberspace: new appropriation of space and the rise of a "neogeography"

Valentin, Jérémie (9 dec. 2010)

This research proposes to analyze the impacts and challenges of an omnipresent geographical cyberspace. Spurred on by web 2.0 and that of virtual globes (Google Earth, Virtual Earth, World Wind), the production and diffusion of geographical knowledge undergo further transformations. Virtual spaces ...

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