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Mot-clé : Extraordinary cities Peter J. Taylor,.._x
Source: SOAS

Protestant Medical Missionary Experience during the War in China 1937-1945: The Case of Hubei Province

Chatterton, Jocelyn (2010)

During the war medical missionaries were able to demonstrate fully their raison d’être of service and professionalism to the Chinese and their fellow countrymen. In retrospect it can be seen that the war proved to be a golden age of opportunity for individual medical missionaries providing them ...

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Source: HAL

The Rock Art of Upper Tibet and Ladakh: Inner Asian cultural adaptation, regional differentiation and the Western Tibetan Plateau Style

Bruneau, Laurianne et al. (2013)

International audience This paper examines common thematic and esthetic features discernable in the rock art of the western portion of the Tibetan plateau. This rock art is international in scope; it includes Ladakh (La-dwags) (under Indian jurisdiction), Tö (Stod) and the Changthang (Byang-thang) ...

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Translation and Imitation in XVIth- and XVIIth-century Britain : The Metamorphoses of Virgil’s Aeneid IV

Belle, Marie-Alice (18 sep. 2010)

Cette thèse présente une étude historique des traductions et imitations britanniques du livre IV de l’Énéide de Virgile aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles, depuis l’Eneados de Gavin Douglas [1513] jusqu’au Dryden’s Virgil de 1697. À travers une étude comparative des traductions successives de ...

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Source: HAL

« Trouve ta mosquée » : formation d’une « communauté de projet » par l’édification de lieux de culte musulmans visibles en Ile-de-France, préalable d’une communauté élargie dans l’espace public français ?

Burtin, Pauline (jun. 2013)

Over the last few years, many mosques have appeared in France’s Ile-de-France region, answering to a serious lack of worshipping space for Muslim believers. But they have done more than merely answer a lack: they have given Islam a visible presence in the city and offer a range of activities ...

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Source: HAL

Intelligence and counter-espionage between Dublin, London and Edinburgh from 1845 to 1945

Berthillot, Émilie (19 sep. 2014)

This dissertation illustrates to what extent the use of secret agents allows London to conceal her weaknesses more specifically in her conflicts with Scotland and Ireland. In fact, Scottish and Irish rebel movements question the very founding of the United Kingdom when they want to repel their acts ...

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Source: HAL

What Is Said. An Inquiry into Reference, Meaning, and Content.

Stojanovic, Isidora (2 march 2007)

I investigate the relationship among the notions of meaning, content, and what is said. It is widely held that indexicals – words like 'this', 'I', or 'today' – contribute their reference, and nothing but their reference, to the semantic content, and thereby undermine any tentative ...

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Source: Ifremer

Probing connections between deep earth and surface processes in a land-locked ocean basin transformed into a giant saline basin: the Mediterranean GOLD project

Rabineau, Marina et al. (sep. 2015)

During the last decade, the interaction of deep processes in the lithosphere and mantle with surface processes (erosion, climate, sea-level, subsidence, glacio-isostatic readjustment) has been the subject of heated discussion. The use of a multidisciplinary approach linking geology, geophysics, ...

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