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Source: HAL

The and Crisis of the Buganda Kingdom during the nineteenth Century

Medard, Henri (9 feb. 2001)

L'etude de la royaute africaine est un objet de choix dans les histoires et les etudes anthropologiques portant sur ce continent. A la fois plus familieres aux auteurs europeens que les societes sans Etat, et cependant totalement exotiques, les royautes africaines fascinent par ce mélange de ...

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The European Union and its Eastern Neighbours. A Contribution to the Study of Regional Integration in the World

Richard, Yann, (9 dec. 2010)

La régionalisation, le régionalisme et l'intégration régionale sont des thèmes de recherche déjà bien explorés par l'économie et les relations internationales. Mais la plupart des définitions données, en particulier celles de l'intégration régionale, sont biaisées et souffrent de ...

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The Democratic Principles of Authority : a study of the foundations and modalities of the exercise of power in contemporary societies

Boccon-Gibod, Thomas (22 nov. 2011)

L’objet de cette étude consiste à rendre raison du phénomène de l’autorité, dans les deux sens du terme : en définir la nature et en examiner la justification. Ainsi est-ce seulement par un examen critique des usages de la raison qu’il paraît possible d’en déterminer les principes. ...

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Representation of the enemy in the American cinema : from the post-war years to the fall of the Berlin Wall

Ballion, Frédérique (18 jun. 2014)

In order to study the various representations of the enemy conveyed during the ColdWar, we preferred to adopt a crossed-analysis of both the political andcinematographic discourses. The concept of enemy, which was inherent to theforeign policy at that time, took part in the process of legitimization ...

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Financial liberalisatin and foreign direct investment : a required financing mode for economic development in DCs : case of Morocco

Bouabdi, Oumama (7 nov. 2014)

The low volatility observed during the global financial crises and the importance of externalities on simulating host economies attribute considerable interest to foreign direct investment especially for developing countries (DCs). Therefore, the territorial attractiveness became the main priority ...

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Source: HAL

Agricultural Accounting and Sustainable Development : a Comparative Study of Russia and France

Altukhova, Yulia (27 may 2013)

This thesis aims to respond to Gray’s proposition (2010, p.48) that it is rare, if not impossible to find accounting for sustainability, notably in the “strong” perspective of the term, that is to say the mode of development that respects physical thresholds characterizing the minimum level of ...

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Source: Sciences Po

We Are All Harrisburg’: Three Mile Island and the Ultimate Indivisibility of the Atom1

Del Pero, Mario (dec. 2015)

This article discusses the impact on U.S. nuclear policies of the incident at the Three Mile Island reactor in Pennsylvania in March 1979 by focusing on three interrelated issues: the inescapable connection between the civilian and the military dimensions of the nuclear power; the effective ...

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