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Mot-clé : ˆL'‰utopie de la communication Philippe Breton_x
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The Information Technology management systems : pure technique or management tool. An historical perspective through the discourses of Information Technology managers from 1970 to 2000

Rocquigny, Marie-Aline de, (26 nov. 2015)

This research aims at understanding how the contribution of information technology within the organizations is thought. It is based on an analysis of discourses of Information Technology business leaders between 1970 and 2000. It confronts the archives of a professional association, the Club ...

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Source: HAL

Reality and imagination, Japan as viewed by 18th century France

Dubois, Bruno (23 nov. 2012)

With an interest in the origins of various representations of Japan during the Enlightenment, we have studied three centuries of Japanese history as they relate to the West. Even though in the eighteenth century China was of primary interest, some French authors refer to the Land of the Rising Sun ...

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Diwan, teaching methods and creativity : critical approach of the relationship between Creativity, Teaching Methods and Revitalisation of Breton language in Diwan immersive schools

Chauffin, Fanny, (31 mars 2015)

Diwan immersive schools are thirty-eight years old. On the one hand, they have contributed to the revitalisation of the Breton language and on the other hand, served as a catalyst for cultural and artistic development in Breton. While previous studies analyse the precipitous decline in the number of ...

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Source: AUF

Plurilinguisme et traduction

Blanchet, Philippe (2008)

Ce cours propose une initiation aux problèmes spécifiques des usages de traductions intralinguales (à l’intérieur d’une même langue entre variétés différentes par exemple dans des milieux professionnels distincts) et aux traductions interlinguales (entre langues différentes), qu’il s ...

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Source: HAL

Locuteurs de l'arabe maghrébin - langue de France : une analyse sociolinguistique des représentations, des pratiques langagières et du processus de transmission

Barontini, Alexandrine (12 juil. 2013)

Who are the speakers of North African Arabic (in all its varieties) speakers in France and what are their linguistic practices ? To study those practices means taking an interest in migrations phenomena linked to the (post)colonisation of North Africa. Taking into account those diverse profiles, ...

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Jacques, Jean-François 

Demain, la bibliothèque » ? Jean-François Jacques s’est livré à l’exercice et nous a confié sa vision. Hors la bibliothèque, l’avenir n’est pas radieux : s’il est mis fin au piratage depuis 2010, les fusions continuent bon train et le problème du chômage n’est toujours pas ...

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Source: HAL

The mythical nightmare : morphological study of the nocturnal oppression in the medieval texts and the popular beliefs

Zochios, Stamatios (6 déc. 2012)

The present Phd Thesis sets to shed light on the topic of the “nightmare”, considered not as a bad dream as it is commonly conceptualized, but instead as a demon of medieval origin. This spirit, said to intrude a room during the night hours, usually sits and exercises pressure on the chest of ...

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