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Source: Ifremer

Alimentation et reproduction d'un Mytilidae des sources hydrothermales profondes du Pacifique oriental

Le Pennec, M (1988)

Studies of the gill, digestive gland, and gonads of a large mytilid from the 13 degree N hydrothermal vent site have led to insights concerning the histology and functional anatomy of the gill, as well as the role of this organ in the nutrition of the bivalve. From observations of the digestive ...

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Source: Ifremer

Les formes de phosphore particulaire et sédimentaire en environnement côtier. Méthodes d'analyse, biodisponibilité, échange.

Andrieux-loyer, Francoise (6 mai 1997)

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Source: Erudit

Mécanismes d'élimination de l'azote et du phosphore dans un chenal algal à haut rendement

El Hafiane, F. et al. (2003)

Le devenir de l'azote(N) et du phosphore (P) a été étudié dans un chenal à haut rendement (CAHR) au cours de la période d'adaptation puis en phase stationnaire. En moyenne, la part de N total perdue atteint 34,5% du N admis en période d'adaptation et 24,5% en phase stationnaire tandis que la ...

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Source: Ifremer

Evaluating changes in marine communities that provide ecosystem services through comparative assessments of community indicators

Kleisner, Kristin M. et al. (10 mars 2015)

Fisheries provide critical provisioning services, especially given increasing human population. Understanding where marine communities are declining provides an indication of ecosystems of concern and highlights potential conflicts between seafood provisioning from wild fisheries and other ecosystem ...

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Source: HAL

A coherent agri-energy policy to foster social inclusion for peasant families: the role of Petrobras on the João Câmara and Ceará-Mirim sites (state of Rio Grande do Norte)

Drouvot, C.M et al. (2010)

Cahier de recherche n° 2010-06 E4 This article depicts the improvement in living conditions for those families of peasants (the “landless peasants”) who have benefited from agrarian reform (termed “assentamentos” i.e. homesteads) through the creation of farming cooperatives. The farming ...

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Current knowledge on overall post-logging biomass dynamics in Northern Amazonian forests


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Source: Irstea

Caractérisation de la relation entre organisation spatiale d'un territoire et risque d'incendie : Le cas des interfaces habitat-forêt du sud de la France

Lampin-Maillet, C. (2009)

In recent decades, the expansion of the WUIs has significant implications for wildfire management. WUIs are defined as the area where structures and other human development meet or intermingle with undeveloped wildland. WUIs create an environment in which fire can move easily between structures and ...

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Source: Ifremer

Techniques d'élevage en masse d'un Rotifère (Brachionus plicatilis Müller) et d'un Crustacé Branchiopode (Artemia salina L.)

Person-le Ruyet, J. (1975)

This work deals with the influence of the diet (qualitative and quantitative aspect) on the daily production of a population of Brachionus plicatilis and on the growth an survival of the brine shrimp Artemia salina. It was tried to reduce the manipulation to a minimum and to use the available volume ...

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